What We Believe

Innovations Inspired by Nature

Natural processes and structures that have developed over billions of years have a lot to teach us about sustainable innovation. At Eden, we try to study and understand the principles behind these organic dynamics, in order that we can apply them to our new endeavors.

In this way we aim to develop not only solutions that serve us better, but that support the long term sustainability of our planet. By studying deep structural designs found in nature, and applying such insights to real challenges today, we can significantly advance how we build, energize and enhance our world.

Use life-friendly chemistry

Chemistry doesn’t have to mean toxicity. Eden Innovations utilizes chemical processes that use benign elements, including water, and are conscientiously developed in order to reduce toxicity to the environment.

Be Locally Attuned and Responsive to the Surroundings

Working with available resources, including collaborative relationships, enables us to realize advancements and efficiencies that might otherwise not be attainable. We pass these on to our customers to deliver real value and benefit.

Evolve to Survive

While we’re committed to approaches proven to be successful, we also understand that innovation is the key to survival. That’s why we’re open to the unexpected and ready to respond to new opportunities as they emerge.

Integrate Development with Growth

Innovation is at the core of our growth strategy. Our objective is to continue developing new and sustainable products and solutions that will collectively drive our expansion for decades to come. This we believe is the foundation of our future.

Be Resource Efficient

We are highly conscious of pursuing proficient resource use, including low energy, environmentally sustainable processes, in order to create truly revolutionary products that maximize efficient material usage. This benefits our customers as well as the planet as whole.

Adapt to Changing Conditions

As a business, we are committed to responding to the most current global conditions and market needs in order to deliver innovations that truly impact our customers and our world for the better.