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Eden Innovations has excelled by developing clean technology advancements with highly practical applications and exponential growth potential. Focusing on sustainable products, Eden has a proven track record for bringing viable solutions to market, while continuing to foster new innovations. By investing in Eden, you are investing in the future of a company committed to growth through solutions that help preserve our planet.

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12/04/2017Issue of Employee OptionsDownload
11/04/2017First Order for Edencrete for Texas Bridge BeamsDownload
04/04/2017Appendix 3BDownload
03/04/2017First Texas Sales - Bridge BeamsDownload
03/04/2017State DOT Approvals UpdateDownload
30/03/2017Trading HaltDownload
30/03/2017EdenCrete Field Trial in GDOT New Highway ProjectDownload
30/03/2017Trading Halt RequestDownload
10/03/2017US Investor PresentationDownload
10/03/2017US Corporate Advisory Firm AppointedDownload
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